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Leading Inclusive Change

Change is a constant for improving organizations.  
And Leading Change is one of the most demanding elements of leadership.  

We provide supports for Change Leaders that provide concrete actions to drive impact while bringing care for the humans who will bring that impact to life.  

Core Sessions

Change Programs
Session 1: Launching the Series
This session kicks off our learning journey, introducing you to our facilitators and setting you up with everything you need for the rest of the program.  We introduce the key themes that will guide us in each of our future series.

october 19, 2023

Session 2: Understanding the Humans in change
We explore how people experience the change process and the factors that influence their experience.  We also examine how our relationship to power influences our experience of change and how we relate to others. By unpacking how people (including ourselves as leaders) respond to change, this course gives you the foundation for understanding how your leadership can make a difference.

November 2, 2023
Session 3: Leading through change
This session helps you to understand the proactive moves you can make to support effective change, and the responsive actions you can take as new needs emerge.  As we conclude our core experience, you will evaluate where you will want to practice as you step into change leadership in new ways.

November 16, 2023


Elective Sessions

Change Leader Supports
Holding Change Together 
Explore how team leaders like you influence how a team navigates uncertainty and draws closer together
Holding th Change
Supporting My Team... How Are They Really?
As leaders it can be easy to white-knuckle our way through some of the emotional ups and downs we see our team experiencing.   We can feel disempowered and at the mercy of the change - especially if we aren’t in all of the meetings making the decisions we now need to implement.  This session will help you tap into the needs of your team and understand key moves that you can take to help you and your team stay grounded and progress through the change.

December 14, 2023
Intentional Culture Setting and Managing Hotspots
Going through change means that the workplace culture will also change - it’s up to us to choose whether it’s for the better.  Often “hot spots” emerge as an initiative unfolds.  These emotionally charged areas often need unique attention and can be culture killers if we aren’t mindful about addressing them.  This session helps leaders to understand how to bring care and accountability in these moments and how to invite the team to create a new culture that supports their new beginning.

January 25, 2024
Equity in Change
Take a deeper dive on how we can be equity leaders if we are intentional about the way we lead change.
Structuring Change with Liberatory Mindsets
If we leave change to chance, our approach likely reinforces patterns that marginalize and oppress.  This session will push you to think beyond incremental changes to help you consider broader ways you can structure the change process to shift decision making and input patterns.  We hope you will walk away with liberatory mindsets that open whole new ways for how you approach change.

January 18, 2023
Fostering Trust and Safety in Change Meetings
A transactional approach to listening and dialogue can undermine our attempts to empower and hear from participants in a change.  If we aren’t intentional, the very meetings designed to support a change can amplify the wrong voices and diminish trust.   This session explores the dynamics of trust, power, and psychological safety to help you lead in relational, heartfelt ways that center equity in the room in every change meeting you hold.

March 5, 2024
Equity in Change
The Change Architect
For those who are structuring    the change, weave inclusiveness intentionally into the way you design the change process
The Power of Stakeholder Empathy and Engagement Mapping
It’s easy to assume we know who our stakeholders are and what matters to them.  Without pausing to map out what is at stake for each stakeholder, we likely miss key voices or fail to appreciate where their voice matters.  This session works through a pragmatic mapping process to help you create the right spaces and forums for engaging with the people impacted by change.  With these tools, you can feel a sense of confidence that your stakeholder touch points will help the change come together in ways that are supportive, momentum-building, and connecting.

December 12, 2023
Leading with Clarity and Momentum
Bringing many voices to a change process can bring new ideas and rich perspectives. And it can make a change process unwieldy, swirling in indecision and confusion. This session helps you to see ways that you can steward a change through ambiguity, bringing a sense of progress, transparency, and momentum through the change process.  We will dig deep into ways of setting up strong change meetings and explore ways to bring shape and coherence to group dialogue.

January 23, 2024
Change Architect

The Full Package

For many leaders, an immersive experience on all facets of Leading Inclusive Change helps to ensure they get a firm grasp on what will make a difference for them - and for their leaders.  You will cover the foundations of leading human-centered change and dive deep into each learning area. Grounded in case studies and experiential learning opportunities, participants see first-hand what it takes for change efforts to stick.
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- Core Sessions

- Electives



COS Supports

Michelle Moore Hernandez

Michelle is the CEO and Founder of Leading Elephants, a consulting coaching and training organization focused on building impactful leadership, infusing inclusive change in organizations and creating cultures of belonging that help people thrive together.  She is passionate about building powerful relationships across difference to co-create a better world together.
Prior to founding Leading Elephants, Michelle led leadership development for The Broad Residency, advised schools in South Africa and served as a partner in a global consulting firm across multiple geographies.

Headshot Elonda Johnson.jpeg

Elonda Johnson

Elonda B. Johnson is a global human resources leader, diversity strategist, executive coach and entrepreneur. With over 16 years of experience working in diverse roles in tech, professional services, and professional sports, Elonda is also an expert consultant and facilitator on topics such as leading with impact, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and wellbeing.


Elonda has committed her career to inspiring leaders to embrace their strengths and unique gifts, while honoring their values, cultivating influence, and creating impact.

2021 Amber Mackay.jpg

Amber Mackay

Amber is the Managing Director at Leading Elephants, and she is passionate about helping leaders thrive.  She was first exposed to the transformative work at Leading Elephants as a coachee, and she loves to share how her ongoing journey toward greater human-centered leadership enriches her life.  

Prior to working at Leading Elephants, Amber served as a leader in a fast-paced charter management organization working in K-12 education.  She has led teams, served as a chief of staff in multiple capacities, and acted as a coach and advisor to leaders across the nation.

Gio Escudero.jpeg

Giovani Escudero

Giovani Escudero is an equity and inclusion strategist, executive coach, change leader, DEI facilitator, and truth-teller. He brings more than a decade of experience in the education and non-profit sector. 

Giovani has committed his life’s work to ensuring that those who are most marginalized have access to spaces that are psychologically safe, supportive, and empowering. He believes that we can make progress toward undoing systems of harm and catalyzing transformative organizational cultures when leaders take personal responsibility for individual and systemic change.

Natalie Basham.jpeg

Natalie Basham

Natalie Basham is a former principal, education strategist, leadership coach and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience developing social justice educators and leaders. Her experiences designing and launching a school planted a deep desire to provide other team leaders and first-time managers support in building inclusive, multi-racial teams with high trust and sustained performance. 

Natalie has partnered with leaders and teams throughout many organizations on all aspects of their people, equity, and culture work. She built a conviction that conflict can be addressed productively and spent years studying how to best help others navigate it in the workplace.

Rene Morgan.jpeg

Rene Morgan

Rene Morgan is an experienced executive coach, facilitator, and leader of initiatives focused on partnerships, strategy and organizational culture. 

Rene is passionate about envisioning, planning and curating experiences for professionals to feel empowered, achieve their goals and live the lives they were created to live. She believes people have everything they need inside of them to be successful and thrive which she uses as the foundation to build their capacity and confidence.

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