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A facilitateD experience to bolster your team at a time when they need it the most

Why Thriving Teams?

At a time when retaining our people is top of mind, caring about the same mission is not enough. Stress and exhaustion are causing even the best teams to fray at the seams.

Leaders need a low-lift way to do a “team tune-up,” enabling them to emerge feeling connected, in sync, valued and excited to work together - whatever 2022 may bring. 

Belongingness at
the center 


Honoring the rich tapestry of a team where strength comes from the uniqueness of each individual thread, and power in the collective design.

Thriving Teams is a facilitated series of three sessions designed to fit into a team’s meeting calendar. 

This structured experience for just your team delivers powerful connection without compromising the focus on your day-to-day work.


Our Baseline Package:

Three 3 Hour Sessions  |  Monthly
Hosted Virtually Over Zoom

Customizations and Add-Ons
On-site Facilitation

On- Site Facilitation

We can facilitate live meetings wherever your team works

Support for the Team Leader

Through Leading Elephants Coaching, we can help a leader embed the new way of being into how their team operates and address unique needs that arise.

Support for the team leader

Shorter / More Frequent Times


Thriving Teams can also be adapted for delivery in six 90-minute sessions.

Time Modules

When Trust Is Low

Leading Elephants can facilitate customized healing experiences for teams with trust deficits.  These generally require a deeper investment of time with the team and its leader. 

Deeper Healing
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Contact us if you're interested in Thriving Teams or you would like to learn more.

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Meet the facilitators


Amber Mackay

Amber is the Managing Director at Leading Elephants. She was first exposed to the transformative work at Leading Elephants as a coachee, and she loves to share how her ongoing journey toward greater human-centered leadership enriches her life.  


Prior to working at Leading Elephants, Amber served as a leader in a fast-paced charter management organization working in K-12 education.  She has led teams, served as a chief of staff in multiple capacities, and acted as a coach and advisor to leaders across the nation.


Michelle moore hernandez

Michelle is the CEO and Founder of Leading Elephants.  She dreams of a world filled with human-centered workplaces, and is committed to bringing courage, grace and intentionality to the leaders and organizations that Leading Elephants supports. 


Prior to founding Leading Elephants, Michelle led leadership development for The Broad Center, advised schools in Africa and served as a partner in a global consulting firm across multiple geographies.

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