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Leading Elephants provides organizational diagnostics, coaching, training, and consulting services.

Since each organization has unique needs, at Leading Elephants, we partner with you to create a custom-sized solution to meet your needs.
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Our principal focus is in the charter sector, school districts, and social impact organizations.


We identify the barriers that hold you back from having the impact you seek, and co-create a plan for getting to success.

Organizations benefit from a third party perspective to see their strengths and the dynamics that are holding them back from breakthrough success.

Diagnostics are heartfelt, rigorous listening experiences that showcase the dynamics of teams, initiatives, or organizational cultures.  The methods may change depending on the scale of listening we do - we deploy surveys, focus groups, and 1:1 interviews.  In every case, we work to reflect back the unspoken issues that your people see, feel, and are motivated to address.

We believe listening is only one step.

We work with you to create safe, supportive experiences for people to speak to their challenges.  And we help you imagine new ways of taking steps that show that your authentic listening marks the beginning of new interactions to come.


Our coaches support individuals and teams as they reflect, learn, and stretch themselves into stronger leadership.


Coaching is a dedicated space for individuals and teams to explore their leadership and step into new ways of working.

Our Leading Elephants coaches bring the “head, heart, backbone” methods to help their leaders see their strengths and explore different ways of addressing the challenges in front of them. These sessions are pragmatic, compassionate, and provocative opportunities for leaders to reflect and grow their practice.


We provide integrated professional development to build the skills and common language to amplify the effectiveness of teams.

Professional development is a powerful way to provide a shared language, skill development, and new ways of looking at the forces at play in teams and organizations.

We bring the methods and frameworks we use in supporting clients to our training. This ensures our trainings are pragmatic, practice-filled opportunities that help leaders walk away stronger. Our trainings teach both the mindsets and practical skills needed to work more effectively, and we work to integrate our trainings into ongoing development of leaders beyond our time with them. We bring our inclusive listening lens to training design to ensure that the training meets the context, past experiences, and unique needs of your people.
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Leading Elephants Public workshops

Our public workshops are exciting spaces to learn about the Leading Elephants methods and to share across organizational boundaries.  We create dynamic, soul-filled learning spaces that help you to push your practice to deeper levels.


We bring our custom methods to support major initiatives and organizational re-alignment efforts.


Sometimes organizations benefit from additional capacity and a friendly third party to help the ‘how’ of a major organizational initiative to go well.

Leading Elephants can help you implement change management initiatives, heal and reorient a culture, define core values, or re-imagine your team.  In each of these cases, we partner with a dedicated on-site lead and bring our methods and facilitation techniques to help wherever possible.  We support the development of trust with newly collaborating task forces, design the sequence of cascading input sessions for co-creating with stakeholders, and help you operationalize the work to have a lasting impact.  Our goal is that you feel like this work sets a tone and culture for future initiatives and that your team grows together as a result of your time with Leading Elephants.

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