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Will Tomeka pull her chair up to the senior table?

Tomeka was the first full-time COO at a renowned national nonprofit and the only Black leader on a 5-person executive team. She brought strong role-specific experience, and the chiefs eagerly anticipated her expertise and her input.  

But Tomeka was holding back.  Would she pull her chair all the way up to the senior table and thrive in this team of high flyers?


how ocn navigated leadership changes and rebuilt trust

OCN's leadership team was at a breaking point. Financial woes, leadership turnover, and a fractured culture had taken their toll, leaving principals feeling isolated and central office leaders struggling to hold everything together.

But a glimmer of hope emerged. With support, the leaders began to listen, share, and rebuild trust. Would this be enough to pull OCN back from the brink and unite them in a shared vision for the future?

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