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Our Approach

Leading Elephants boosts the collective capacity of organizations
by bringing “how” to the “what” of social impact.
We ignite the power of people by transforming mindsets, building adaptive skills and codifying processes to fuel a more powerful future.  

Our focus areas

Systems Level Leaders

Human-Centered Change

Building Thriving Organizational Cultures

For organizations to have maximal impact,
we believe they must tap into three pillars of strength.  
We focus on building the organizational capacity in all three areas:
  • Systems-level leadership:  High impact organizations - especially those operating at scale - cultivate leaders that can successfully work through people.  The leap to working at a system level often comes without a guidebook, and the skills that leaders had in their past job do so little to make a difference in the future.  We help organizations in building leaders with strategic vision, a balance of warmth and impact and a commitment to culture and people.


  • Leading the human side of change:  High impact organizations are always improving and adapting, and with that comes change.  We have seen that how an organization implements change is one of the greatest determinants of its overall health and long lasting success. Most organizations, however, overfocus on the “what” of the solution and underfocus “how” to bring people along on the journey.  We work with organizations to lead inclusive change in ways that engages the hearts and minds of the people impacted - and helps them succeed and be heroes in their new future.


  • Organizational culture: High impact organizations are fanatical about their effectiveness.  When narratives build about the central office, the leadership or “that team”, they get to the root of the tension and unwind it through collective dialogue.  When hot spots of poor performance or relationships pop up, they address them before they spiral.  And when they find themselves in whack a mole mode, they pull up and find the root causes to target.  We work with leadership teams to create vibrant organizations where people feel empowered, connected and thrive together.

Our in-depth orientation

The Leading Elephants team offers an opportunity to take your leadership to the next level, and
we do it in a way that will support you, push you, and ultimately ensure
you are in the driver’s seat for ongoing progress.
Because we target long-lasting results, we use many facets to help organizations achieve traction.

We don’t just diagnose the challenge,
we create the code to help the new way live in the fabric of your organization

We incorporate ongoing structures for learning from each other.  
Wisdom lives in all of us.

We work with teams to embed follow ups from training -
rather than offering isolated, unrelated sessions.  

We connect our work to supervisor support -
rather than simply coaching in isolation from the sidelines.

We build in tools and opportunities for application and practice -
rather than simply talking in the hypothetical.  

We offer in-depth coaching for selected leaders
to supplement the group learning.