Leading Elephants boosts the collective capacity of organizations
by bringing “how” to the “what” of social impact.
We ignite the power of people by transforming mindsets, building adaptive skills and codifying processes to fuel a more powerful future.  

Three Dimensional Leadership

Leading Elephants applies a three-dimensional model of leadership—head, heart and backbone—to help leaders inhabit their full range of capabilities and lead through a balance of clarity, compassion and conviction.

Domains of excellence

For organizations to have maximal impact,
we believe they must have an impact at multiple levels.  
We focus on building the organizational capacity in three areas:



Vibrant Organizations

  • Dynamic Leaders:  High-impact organizations—especially those operating at scale—need leaders who can drive success by working through people. As they light the way for others, your leaders need to feel invested in the organization’s vision, understand how to lead through a balance of warmth and authority, and embody a deep commitment to culture and people. Through coaching, training and a wealth of practical insights and resources, Leading Elephants shows them how to inhabit their full range capabilities, lead bravely and guide the organization to achieve amazing things.


  • Inclusive Change:  High-impact organizations are always striving and adapting, and with that inevitably comes change. But complex change initiatives are successful only when they harness the energy and creativity of the organization’s people. Pushing beyond simply what the objective or desired outcome of change is, Leading Elephants helps you galvanize your people and create transformative solutions to your challenges.

  • Organizational culture: High impact organizations create cultures that ensure that their impact lasts and their people thrive.  By intentionally cultivating the ability to work together, organizations open the possibility to focus on the work, not the drama.  Leading Elephants helps you to cultivate the values, the rituals, and the ways of working that provide a powerful space for your leaders to work together.  


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