Inclusive Change

Foundational Workshop

We believe that leading strategic initiatives is a foundational skill of leaders.  Join us for a two-day workshop grounded in our signature change frameworks, tools, and mindsets.  

Participants will learn to lead stakeholders to strong outcomes while cultivating organizational trust and embodying their organization’s commitment to inclusiveness.

Join us for this Two-day 
virtual Workshop.
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Frequently asked questions

Is this course right for me?

This course was created for any leader responsible for leading change at a team, cross functional or organizational level. Most organizations send teams of three or more, but individuals are also welcome to attend individually.

What will we do in the workshop?

  • Develop an understanding of the human side of change. Change agents explore the human needs that cause many change efforts to fail - and how to create psychological safety in the face of changing expectations. We will understand the specific actions that move people from uncertainty to inspiration.
  • Build stakeholder engagement in order to do change “with people and not to people.” Participants use a 4-step process to design a stakeholder engagement experience that builds inclusive voice, and values the experiences and perspectives of the people who will live the change.
  • Understand the rhythm of a well-led change effort. Participants learn Leading Elephants’ five-stage change model to understand the landscape of a successful change from start to finish. They will leave this session with a schema for how to drive toward decisions, engage inclusive voices and implement with inspiration at each stage of the process.
  • Develop moves for implementing with inspiration and sustaining the change. Change agents will dive into the characteristics of systems and supports that help people feel successful in the change and build positive momentum as they develop new skills, habits and ways of being.
  • Keep your emotional center as a change leader. Change leaders sit at the nexus of leadership’s expectations, human fear and frustration - and tricky organizational dynamics. Participants will explore which of three Reactive States are their “go to” places under stress, and how to maintain the 3Cs of Courage, Compassion and Care even when the world around them feels rocky!
  • Build your inspirational change narrative. Participants will apply Marshall Ganz’s narrative essentials to craft a Change Story that enlists audiences in the why of the change, appeals to their motivations and helps them see themselves as heroes in the story.

How much does this workshop cost?

Stay tuned for information about pricing.


Meet the facilitators


Michelle Moore Hernandez

Michelle is the CEO and Founder of Leading Elephants, a consulting coaching and training organization focused on building dynamic and impactful leadership, infusing inclusive change in organizations and creating thriving cultures that help people be their best together.


Prior to founding Leading Elephants, Michelle led leadership development for The Broad Center, advised schools in Africa and served as a partner in a global consulting firm across multiple geographies.


Amber Mackay

Amber is the Managing Director at Leading Elephants, and she is passionate about helping leaders thrive.  She was first exposed to the transformative work at Leading Elephants as a coachee, and she loves to share how her ongoing journey toward greater human-centered leadership enriches her life.  


Prior to working at Leading Elephants, Amber served as a leader in a fast-paced charter management organization working in K-12 education.  She has led teams, served as a chief of staff in multiple capacities, and acted as a coach and advisor to leaders across the nation.


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