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Inclusive Change

Foundational Workshop Series

At Leading Elephants, we believe that how you lead change speaks volumes.  


Your approach to leading change shows your care and respect for your people, your lived commitment to inclusiveness, and whether you truly “get” their work.

Why we created this course

For more than ten years we have been supporting leaders. During this time, we have seen leaders read about leading change, but not know how to translate what they're reading into practical steps. 

Too often, this disconnect leads to change efforts that undermine trust, create resistance, or lead to weak implementation.


Our approach

Seeing this need, we created Leading Inclusive Change.


This three-part workshop is designed to help leaders learn the practical steps of leading inclusive change.


This course is grounded in Leading Elephants' signature change frameworks, tools, and mindsets for leaders who are leading change at the team, cross-functional, or system level.

Join us for this Three Part 
virtual Workshop.

Leading Inclusive Change will be back soon! Check back later for upcoming workshop dates.

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