Our Services

We offer public programs, tailored consulting and individual coaching
focused on building the capacity of systems level leaders.
Our principal focus is in the charter sector, school districts, and social impact organizations.
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shutterstock_301007108 - Diverse People
Common areas for on-site support
Reinforcing Strong Network/School Relationships
Operating in
Executive Teams
Creating a
New Way of
Leading Change
and Including
Next Level Leaders
We work within your context to transform mindsets, skills and systems in tandem.
Because we focus on system-level change, many of our collaborations employ multi-tiered consulting, training, and coaching solutions across several functional areas.



This fall, Leading Elephants is offering two pilot programs targeted at building the systems level leadership of staff in network settings. 

Foundations for Impact - Network Academic Specialist 101:  this course helps network academic leaders step up in their role as content specialists in instruction, culture, or specialized services.  Our goal is to demystify what it means to take on a systems level role and to help leaders build credibility and influence, create strong school partnerships, own their impact, and drive meaningful results.  Participants engage in three 2-day onsite sessions in addition to virtual trainings, group coaching, and a vibrant virtual community.

Leading the Human Side of Change - In the era of the Common Core, many instructional content organizations are equipping thousands of school and network staff to understand what changes are needed to provide great instruction.  But how to lead great systems-level change is a mystery to most leaders, and CMOs are riddled with stories of changes that went badly. This course is a deep dive for leaders leading strategic initiatives (or likely to take one on).  Participants engage in two 2-day onsite sessions in addition to virtual trainings, group coaching, and a vibrant virtual community.



We provide tailored support to accelerate the growth of individual leaders.  Our coaches are trained in the foundations of systems level leadership and are primed to help leaders take their work to the next level.


Available as a standalone support or in conjunction with training or consulting offerings.