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Lead Change that ignites the best in people

Leading inclusive Change

A learning series that delves deep into what it takes 
to co-create powerful transformation within teams and organizations

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When you need to adjust course to reach ambitious goals, inspiring change can feel essential and elusive. 

At Leading Elephants, we believe lasting change - the kind where your team catches the vision and brings unparalleled creativity to the table - is achievable.  We know you care deeply about your people and about the shared impact you can have together.  The way you lead change can make all the difference in creating real impact and meaningful belonging.


And let’s be real: change done poorly leaves casualties in its wake. 

Whether it’s weak resignation, active resistance, or a fractured culture, the aftermath of change can be devastating.  Every poorly implemented initiative makes future change that much harder to happen.  Simply put, no team can afford to sustain the repeated costs from change efforts that fall short.


In Leading Inclusive Change, we give you the frameworks and practical tools to lead more effectively from wherever you are.

We unpack how people react in change and how you have to lead yourself before you can effectively steward others.  And we delve deeply into the dynamics of power and privilege and how that is amplified in change.  

Join us for this 
virtual Workshop Series.
CoRe Dates/Times:​

Oct 19- 10-11:30 PT
Nov 2 - 10-12:30 PT
Nov 16- 10-12:30 PT

Elective dates/ Times:

Dec 5 - 10-11:30 PT
Dec 7 - 10-11:30 PT
Dec 12 - 10-11:30 PT
Jan 16 - 10-11:30 PT
Jan 18 - 10-11:30 PT
Jan 23 - 10-11:30 PT

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Change Begins with Choice

We believe in empowering our participants to take control of their learning journey. Our workshops are designed to put you in the driver's seat, allowing you to customize your experience according to your unique goals and interests. With a blend of core sessions and a variety of electives, you can tailor your path, deciding what's most important to you and how you want to achieve it. The result is a fully unique and personalized learning journey that ensures your professional growth is precisely what you desire.

Choose a Learning Track
  • Equity in Change- Learn to disrupt common patterns of inequity rooted in the way teams work

  • Change Architect- Weave inclusiveness intentionally into the way you design the change process

  • Holding Change Together- Help your team navigate uncertainty and draw closer together

  • Or mix and match for what works for you and Map Your Own Journey!

Each learning track will include our 3 core sessions and 2 corresponding electives. 

Add an Elective

This workshop offers 6 unique, 90-minutes electives to choose from.



Ad-hoc elective selections are welcome at $200 per additional elective. 

Take Advantage of the Full Package

Attend the entire offering to learn about every facet of leading change.  Walk away with a deep understanding of how every leader has something to give in helping change go well.

LICW Learning Track Assessment

Discover the perfect learning track tailored to your needs for the Leading Inclusive Change Workshop.

Based on the your answers, this assessment will suggest a learning track and additional electives to grow your leadership in the ways YOU want.  

Feel free to take the assessment as an individual or as a representative of your team. 

This assessment will take approximately _____ minutes.

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Join the entire learning community for our core courses

Fall 2023

Custom design your deeper learning in the electives

January 2023

December 2023

WHAT Participants SAY
"This training was unique because it inspired me to be a more empathetic leader. It's also given me the tools, structure, and tactics to do be an empathetic leader in an intentional way."

—  Foundation Investment Partner

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LICW Facilitators

Dedication. Expertise. CARE.

Our expert team of facilitators are committed to guiding individuals through the Leading Inclusive Change workshop with an approach that is empowering and bold, and rooted in a deep cultural humility. Above all, they lead with care, ensuring that every participant's journey cultivates leadership that is effective and makes a lasting impact. 

We want to thank the design contributions of Romina Piersanti and the operational support of Jessica Walker.  Both are instrumental to the success of this work!

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