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thriving in uncertainty

We have weathered through a lot of uncertainty, heartbreak and changes in 2020.

Looking forward, what are you doing to create a life you can thrive in?

Why this session?

We have weathered through a lot of uncertainty, heartbreak and changes in 2020. Looking forward, there is more uncertainty around what the future holds for us collectively and individually. 


Even in the midst of this uncertainty, we can thrive in our own lives.


This course is about learning the skills and equipping ourselves with the tools to help us regroup and navigate future changes (big or small).

What is the Experience?

This is a two-part virtual course. Each class includes interactive learning opportunities (from small group practice sessions to rich whole-group discussions), and time for individual planning and reflection.

Is there pre-work?

Yes. Before each class, participants will be given pre-work to complete before each meeting. This work will be communicated in advance, to give participants adequate time to complete.

What is the content?

As a member of this learning community you will:

  • Explore your relationship with uncertainty; identifying how you relate to it and your default reactions

  • Develop your individualized plan to help you thrive in uncertainty; learning how to leverage and align your values, time, and energy to create a sense of meaning and progress

  • Define your inner compass; learning the skills to be at peace with our choices in uncertain environments

  • Participate in small groups discussions and practices; building the foundation of a flexible mindset

  • Create individualized dynamic and resilient work structures and processes; building awareness of when to apply them

dates and Times

Join the Thriving in Uncertainty Waitlist to stay up to date on future course offerings.

How much does it cost?

The participation fee is $350.  


*Program registration is non-transferable and non-refundable. 


Registration closes on Monday, October 23.

Who is Leading Elephants?

Leading Elephants specializes in teaching leaders the skills needed to navigate complex issues during times of rapid growth, new challenges, and uncertainty. With decades of coaching experiences, we work with leaders to diagnose the gap between vision and execution with a three-dimensional leadership model.  Our approach helps leaders inhabit their full capabilities by accessing their head, heart, and backbone. 


  • Head.  We help leaders bring clarity and insight to drive the work forward.  We help them turn big ideas into concrete reality and execute with excellence. 

  • Heart.  We help leaders to lead with compassion and care – to show people that they see and value them.  We help them hone their empathy and emotional intelligence to forge strong, enduring relationships. 

  • Backbone.  We help leaders tap their conviction and take bold steps forward.  We help them lead from values with courage – to show up in complex environments with a sense of authenticity.


This balanced approach to leadership development – focused on human needs and grounded in pragmatic outcomes – leads to markedly better results, transformative experiences for teams, and organizations that thrive.

Who are the program facilitators?

Michelle is the CEO and Founder of Leading Elephants, a consulting coaching and training organization focused on building dynamic and impactful leadership, infusing inclusive change in organizations and creating thriving cultures that help people be their best together.


Prior to founding Leading Elephants, Michelle led leadership development for The Broad Center, advised schools in Africa and served as a partner in a global consulting firm across multiple geographies.


Amber is the Managing Director at Leading Elephants, and she is passionate about helping leaders thrive.  She was first exposed to the transformative work at Leading Elephants as a coachee, and she loves to share how her ongoing journey toward greater human-centered leadership enriches her life.  


Prior to working at Leading Elephants, Amber served as a leader in a fast-paced charter management organization working in K-12 education.  She has led teams, served as a chief of staff in multiple capacities, and acted as a coach and advisor to leaders across the nation. 

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