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A Roadmap as you chart your path ahead

Updated: May 7, 2021

Find Function-specific guidance and a rich hub of supports

We know how much energy you are spending just making sense of the work in front of you.

As initial school shutdowns turned to months of ambiguity, you have your eye on three horizons: the new normal of this year, an uncertain summer cadence and a fall that could bring continued closures or modified reopenings. If there is anything we could give you at a time like this, it’s a map. A Roadmap, to be more specific.

In partnership with our friends at Catalyst:Ed (and dozens of leaders across the country), we’ve taken a first crack at laying out what domain leaders might focus on during this crazy time, and provided a reflection tool to go with it.


We’re thrilled to share this hub - chock full of wisdom from leaders, concrete actions, curated samples, and examples of support available from Catalyst:Ed’s provider network.


Our Suggestion for How to Use the Roadmap

Pull up on your leadership. Leading at all times, but especially in crisis, requires the heart, the head, and the backbone. In that spirit, we hope C-level leaders will read this Call to Action with heartfelt principles on what leaders are called to in this time.

Set a goal. The Roadmap is a comprehensive tool, but don’t let that seduce you into trying to do it all! In the reflection tool, we walk through different ways to engage if your goal is to:

  • Shore up weaker areas of your current plan...

  • Plan for the close of school...

  • Plan for the summer and start of school...

  • Enhance your equity leadership...

  • Enhance your people leadership and/or strategic decision making...

  • Improve cross-functional collaboration...

Go to the Roadmap for your functional area. Once you have set your goal, find the Roadmap for your domain. You can print out a PDF, create an editable Google doc, and download specific leadership guidance for your area.

Orient yourself to the Roadmap. The Roadmap is designed around three major phases for implementation:

  • Phase 1: The Launch (or Relaunch) of Remote Learning

  • Phase 2: Finishing the School Year Strong

  • Phase 3: Assessing and Planning for Summer and Beyond

Each column has suggested actions for one phase, so read by column if you are planning (for instance) Phase 2. The rows of the Roadmap illustrate different work streams within your functional area (eg Instructional Management or English Language Learners in the Academic Roadmap). See the hyperlinks at the top of each Roadmap to navigate to those work streams you want to shore up.

Explore as you review

As you review the Roadmap, note the links to sample resources in many places. Click through those to get a deeper picture of what the actions could be. You might mark it up with annotations as you process it.

Step back to highlight what you learned

In the second half of the reflection tool, there is space for you to step back and reflect. You might ask yourself:

  • What should I celebrate?

  • What were my big takeaways?

  • What do I need to prioritize in upcoming communications?

  • What are the big things I still need to figure out, and who should I be looping in to do that?

We hope this resource is helpful for you! We’d love to hear about how it supports your planning. Drop us an email to share how you are using this tool and where you may need additional support.

Sending our ongoing best wishes. Take care of you.


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