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Thriving Teams Create Lasting Change

Leading Elephants catalyzes leaders and cultures to do powerful, fulfilling work together

We Create Custom Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs.


Our diagnostics are heartfelt, rigorous listening experiences to assess the dynamics of teams, initiatives, or organizational cultures

(In person & Virtual)

Our trainings are inclusive spaces where dynamic facilitators share frameworks, and learning activities to meet the unique needs of your people.


Coaching sessions are pragmatic, compassionate, and provocative opportunities for leaders to grow with the support of our experienced roster of coaches. 


We support your organization’s efforts in fostering trust, accountability, and collaboration across teams and support your initiatives to achieve lasting impact.


As a leader, finding that perfect alchemy of vision, execution, and happy people can feel overwhelming. We know that cultivating a team that works seamlessly together is hard to do on top of your day job. But without the magic, you can often end up with disappointing results and burnt out team members.


Leading Elephants’ customized programs, coaching and advisory services supercharge your team’s capabilities just where you need it most. 


Leading Elephants HELPS you ignite the power of people by transforming mindsets, building adaptive skills and codifying processes to fuel a more powerful future for your organization.

Transform Your Leadership in 3 Easy Steps
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At Leading Elephants, we believe that strong leadership and a thriving culture are the cornerstones of success for any organization. 

We demystify the hidden dynamics affecting humans in the workplace in order to help team members:

  • Create workplaces of belonging and support for diverse teams

  • Work together with authenticity and care, even in sticky situations

  • Collaborate effectively - especially across lines of difference

  • Navigate change and heal from challenging moments

  • Lead from a place of values and human centeredness

  • Foster creativity and joy in the workplace

What It's Like to Work With us


“We knew we needed to re-envision our academic vision, but Leading Elephants helped us to figure out what it meant to take this journey as a team. They facilitated crucial, heart-felt conversations on sensitive issues. With their help our team moved toward a place of deeper trust and more open dialogue.” 

—  Mala Batra

CEO, Aspire Public Schools

We leverage the potential of diverse teams to thrive and succeed together.
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Leading Inclusive Change

Your approach to leading change shows your care and respect for your people, your lived commitment to inclusiveness, and whether you truly “get” their work.


Learn Leading Elephant's signature change frameworks, tools, and mindsets for leaders who are leading change at the team, cross-functional, or system level.


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